Authentic Dogon Medicin Cabinet


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Beautiful Dogon Medicine cabinets with the typical carved wooden dogon doors. Amazing carved in one piece of wood, as if it was a true hollowed tree trunk. All the sides of the small cupboard are crafted with detailled motifs.

These kind of cabinets were used by the healer of the tribe to keep spices, herbs and all sorts of medicinal products.
This height is 39 cm and the cabinet remains in a good, used condition. Each piece is authentic and uniquely carved with nommos or animal figures, identical to some of the motifs found on the Dogon doors. They come in different sizes with one or two doors. They make a great display piece on a desk or dresser. The cabinet can be used to store jewelry or special objects.

Country of origin: Mali
Period: 1900's / 1930's

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