Authentic Dogon Peul stools from Mali - Rare antique African ceremonial stools


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Small wooden stool of the Dogon tribe in Mali.

Small wooden stools serve the Dogon people for everyday use. There are two distinct types. The simple, abstract ones that we have are very old and wonderfully eroded by time, use and exposure. The more complex ones, supported by figures representing ancestors or nommo were originally symbols of authority for the priests or hogons and not used as stools. Those with a post in the middle are linked with Dogon mythology. The seat represents heaven, the base represents the earth, and the post represents a tree, linking the two.

Age: 1900's
Colour: brown, Natural weathered wood
Material: wood
Origin: Mali

+- 25cm in height / 12.2'' (h) x 8'' (diameter)

Every item is unique and size could vary a little per item.

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