Chinees oud mini houten krukje

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Small XXS stools, used as milking stool or workman's stool at the Chinese countryside.

These small stools are real unique pieces for your interior. The sturdy stools are originating the Chinese country side, mostly from the Shandong provinde. They were used by farmers and local workers. Every stool is unique and you will never find two of the same pieces in our collection. Most of the stools are weathered natural wood. Sometimes we find beautiful painted or lacquered in our shop.

Very nice to use for decoration or to use for your children to sit on. The old little stools are very solid, they were used by adults workers in China for sitting. They are very usable as children’s chairs.

Size mini stools: ±10x25x10cm / 4'' x 9'' x4'' (LWH) (size may vary)

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