Old rustic Chinese 'Tang' table

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This small low rustic table was used as a dining table in a Chinese tang or day bed. The tang functioned as a kind of living room, complete with furniture to be used on the tang itself. There were small cabinets, trays and these tang dining tables!

It would be a bit strange for such a low table to be used as a dining table in our modern interiors, but this antique beauty will certainly catch your eye as a side table in your living room or your bedroom! The top is made of one heavy piece of wood and the entire table was constructed without the use of iron nails.

The table is weathered by age and time.

Age: 1900
Colour: Natural, Light Brown
Material: Pine wood
Origin: Dongbei, China

Size : ±70x40x25cm / 27,5'' x 15'' x 10'' (LWH)


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